K. KARYOFYLLIS - Theater Stages Constructions engineering office provides specifications, designs, constructs and installs all construction elements and the required manually or electrically operated mechanisms and automation of a theater, such as:

  • Prosceniums, steady and deployable (teaser and tormentors)
  • Fire curtains
  • Valences
  • Manually and/or electrically operated grand drapes
  • Manually or electrically operated scenery battens
  • Manually or electrically operated lighting battens and steady sighting bars
  • Borders and their suspension mechanisms
  • Cycloramas – Scrims – Transparent/translucent surfaces
  • Leg arrays
  • Back stage and mid-stage curtains
  • Software – Automation – Control panels – Consoles (touch screen, joystick or button operated)
  • Acoustical shells
  • Revolving stages
  • Stage wagons and Elevators
  • Metal constructions and roof grids
  • Stage floors
  • Projection screens
  • Theatrical lighting, image and sound
  • Fabrics

We provide a vast variety of specialized, certified, flame-retardant fabrics for grand drapes, leg arrays, borders, back and mid-stage curtains, scrims, cycloramas and every kid and shape curtain rails and suspension and motion mechanisms.

We work with the top manufactures worldwide, and we also design and produce the optimum solutions, depending on the technical requirements and the available budget.

Latest News


  • Fully automated municipality theater stage construction, certified by TÜV including light, audio and projection systems installation, Ampelokipi, Thessaloniki.

  • Fully equipped municipality theater stages in “OASIS” and “Theophanios” halls, Preveza.

  • Sound Installation in the Holy Church and the reception hall of Saint Nikolas, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki.

  • Theater stage construction at the Technical Lyceum of Santorini.

  • Theater stage construction and light and sound installation inside the gym of the 1st and 5th Primary School in Sykies, including the metal construction supporting the stage floor and the top grid.

  • Fully equipped theater stage in the Spiritual Center of the Holy Metropolis of Alexandroupoli.

  • Fully equipped theater stage and lighting and sound installation in the Multifunctioning Center of the Municipality of Kalamaria.

  • Fully equipped theater stage in the Spiritual Center “Pantanassa” of the Holy Metropolis of Veria, Naousa and Kampania.

  • Fully equipped theater stage and lighting installation in the Pontian Hellinism in Argos Orestiko.