K. KARYOFYLLIS - Theater Stages Constructions
, is an established Theatre Stage Construction engineering office with substantial experience in projects all over Greece and abroad. Our office, laboratory and storage facilities are self-owned and located in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Our office offers integrated services in the construction sector, possessing high technical knowledge, quality, accountability and competitive prices and a strong drive to fulfill the real needs of every client.

We guarantee the correct, in time and budget execution of the projects we undertake, in the private or public sector, regardless their budget or complexity, having a dynamic and particularly specialized team of coworkers and long and diversified experience in all electromechanical fields.

Our research experience, our frequent visits to International Trade Fairs and our long experience in specialized construction projects, allow us to handle effectively simpler and more complex projects.

The advancement of our office is due to our strong organization, our specialized knowledge, our hard work and our rational development, but also due to the personal supervision of our projects by our experienced engineers.

We are in constant search, in Greece and abroad, of new and innovative technologies and techniques to integrate them to our everyday applications and practices.

Latest News


  • Theater Stage Construction and Light Installation in the Pontian Greeks Roof, in Argos Orestiko.

  • Sound Installation in the Holy Church of Saint Nikolas, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki.

  • Theater Stage Construction in the Holy Greek-Orthodox Metropolis Spiritual Center, in Alexandoupoli.

  • Light, Sound and Video Installation in the Karapantsio Cultural Center, in the municipality of Ampelokipi, Thessaloniki.

  • Theater stage construction and light and sound installation in the Multi-purpose Cultural Center in the municipality of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki.

  • Construction of a fully computerized municipality theater stage in Ampelokipi, Thessaloniki, certified for its safety by TÜV.

  • Light, Audio and Motorized Screen Installation in the municipality of N. Heraklia, Serres.